Store Policy

Refunds & Failed Delivery

All skins are no mod/no transfer. Due to the fact that non-transferable items cannot be returned to their previous owner, refunds or exchanges cannot be made. Please be sure you try all the demos available before making a purchase. However, if you buy a single skin and then decide to buy the corresponding fatpack, we will deduct the amount of the already purchased skin. Send a notecard with the details of the transcation to Amohe Noel. Please note that single skin and fatpack must be the same skin color.

In case of failed delivery, please copy and paste the complete details of the transaction along with your name into a notecard and send it Inworld to Amohe Noel or use the Redelivery Terminal at the store, if you bought the item Inworld.

If you bought the exact same item twice by accident or due to lag, please copy and paste the complete details of both transactions along with your name and send it Inworld to Amohe Noel.

Wrong Settings

If you ever run into a skin with the wrong settings (no copy), please send your request for exchange along with the complete details of your transaction to Amohe Noel. Please do not send the skin until we ask you to because things do get lost. This service is valid until no later than four weeks of your purchase.

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